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Benefits of Green Tea: Natural Health Care

It is said that green tea is a hale and hearty substitute to other beverages we
prefer to take presently. Now I am going to tell you how a cup of green tea can
do wonders for your health. A cup of tea taken regularly can lessen the risk of
cancer, heart disease, as well as reduce chances of stroke and lower high
cholesterol. People in Asia have been availing its wonderful benefits for many
centuries. Green tea contains vigorous antioxidants that can slow up growth of
cancer cells that too without any side effects to healthy tissues.

If you want to get rid of your heart diseases and cancer problems through a
natural way, you must take a cup of green tea without adding milk to it, since a
recent study published in the European Heart Journal declared that the positive
effects of tea on the heart are completely neutralized by the addition of milk.

It is believed that Green tea may also aid people who are trying to keep up a
healthy body weight. Green tea prevents high insulin spikes and the ensuing fat
storage and will definitely boost your health and reduce your weight. Moreover,
it is highly organic and a natural extract. There have been many scientific studies
that imply that green tea can minimize the risk of many diseases including
cancer. Additionally, it can also bring great improvements to your skin and make
you look younger.

You can explore the immense benefits of Green tea by drinking a cup of green tea
daily. You can also take it two to four times per day for better effect over your
body. If you make a cup of green tea a part of your life, you will slowly find it
improving your health, as well as helping you to reduce the flab over the course
of a few months.

SUMMARY: Green Tea has helped people improve their health tremendously. It
can also bring great improvements to your skin and make you look younger.

Benefits of Green Tea: A Cup of Tea Can Keep protect you from diseases!

Green Tea is a natural substance that has immense benefits for health. Asian
cultures have been benefiting from the immense characteristics of Green Tea for
many years. It was used as a natural remedy for headaches, depression, general
malaise and many other disorders in the past. Presently many scientific studies
have announced that there are compounds in Green tea that can control the
growth of cancer cells in body.

The journal of the National Cancer Institute published a case in the 1990s that
declared the consumption of Green Tea can effectively help in a 60% reduction of
the risk of esophageal cancer. Apart from this, Green Tea is also more helpful for
people who are suffering from rheumatoid, infection, cardiovascular disease,
high cholesterol and even a weakened immune system. Hence, a cup of Green
Tea can keep you safe from several diseases and add years to your life!

Nowadays, Green tea is becoming more and more popular for its great benefits
to the human body. Actually, the Green tea has plenty of such components that
have healing abilities. Though natural green tea is quite useful for you and you
will see drastic improvement in your health by taking a regular cup of green tea,
the only drawback to green tea it contains a huge quantity of caffeine that may be
harmful and can even lead to insomnia.

But of course, now there is good news about green tea that it contains less
caffeine than coffee and has several added benefits for the body. If you are
suffering from obesity, green tea will help you shed the extra flab. A cup of green
tea twice or thrice a day will help you keep healthy.

Summary: Overall, the Green tea is an all in one natural product that offers you
exceptional benefits to gain a vigorous health and a sharp mind.

President Barack Obama and his healthy diets and lifestyle

The recent inauguration of the 44th president, Barack Obama has caused a lot of interest from the media and the rest of the world. During his election there was a lot of concern over the health of his opponent, Sen. John McCain.  Well now that we have our new president, we should look at his health.  He has stated that he lives a healthy, active lifestyle that helps keep him in great shape.

We could all learn from his example, and reinitiate the war on obesity by trying to become more active in our every day lives.  All it takes is half an hour out of your day to do something active, whether that is a playing a game of basketball like our new President, or going for a walk or run, these small changes in our lifestyles can completely change the health of our nation.  When we are all worried about universal healthcare, we could all increase the nations health by simply increasing our activity.

Living an active lifestyle and dieting together is the absolute best way to lose weight, it is not hard at all to lose weight wehn you combine these two obvious strategies.  I have personally work out for at least an hour every morning and then again in the evening, but that is because I am tryign to get myself back into the great shape I used to be in.  I also am currently dieting in moderation as well as using green tea extract supplements, this so far has resulted in me gaining 2 pounds but dropping approximately 4% in body fat, and 3 inches in my waist line.  My results are typical, if not less than typical of the life style I am living.  Without working out and simply dieting I probably would have lost a lot of weight, and even without the dieting and just the use of the green tea extract I probably would have lost around 15 pounds.  The only weight I have gained is muscle mass, which has resulted in me having an awesome six pack and, not to brag, but an impressive figure.  Anyone can do it, lets follow the example of our new president and get healthy!

Benefits of Green Tea: A Natural Boon for a Perfect Health

The Benefits of Green Tea for our body are uncounted and it is said that the
secret to a longer and vigorous life is in a cup of green tea! Nowadays, people
have become more conscious about their health and hence, they prefer to take
natural products to maintain it. Medical studies have declared that Green Tea is
good for health, since it’s a brew that gives what a body needs. In fact, Green Tea
contributes a lot for heart and cardiovascular system, brain, as well as to weight

Green Tea is becoming more and more popular among people as a natural
supplement for weight loss. Obesity is the root of several diseases and therefore,
people want to get rid of in a natural and harmless way. Though there is also no
lack of the chemical products to control obesity but people avoid them to escape
from their side-effects.

Green Tea has high levels of antioxidants that helps prevent the diseases and also
empowers the body to fight cancer. If you drink the Green Tea daily, you will
feel drastic, positive changes in your health. It is helpful for continued good
health in several ways like, it lowers cholesterol, keeps your brain active, controls
obesity and much more. The wonderful thing about the Green Tea is that it has
no side effects for your body and you can drink it without worrying what havoc
its playing with your innards.

The Green Tea contains less quantity of caffeine than coffee which prevents
jitters, heart palpitations, insomnia and a lot more side effects caused due to high
caffeine content. Some producers are also producing capsules to provide people
with all amazing benefits of Green Tea without the side effects of caffeine. You
can use it, if you want to improve your overall health, without the caffeine.

Healthy Diet Foods: Celery

Today I am writing about a simple vegetable that is both easy to come by and cheap to buy, Celery.  Celery is not easily digested by the human body and also contains a very small number of calories.  Eating celery produces a neutral calorie gain, where you actually burn the number of calories the celery contains while digesting it.  Therefore, if you a eat a lot of celery as a snack instead of chips, cookies, etc.  You will notice an improvement on your weight loss regiment.  While this alone will not be extremely useful, it is however a great, healthy life change that is both easy to maintain and will help you lose weight!

For more reading on celery, or Apium graveolens, read the wikipedia article here

More About Green Tea and Green Tea Diets

So I have been continueing my green tea diet exploration, and while I admit it has been a long time since my last article I felt like I should do a little more explaining on what Green Tea supposedly does to your health, the history behind the claims, any proof, etc.

First Off, I am not a medical doctor, but I have done my research on this subject.

Green Tea has been around for centuries, the Chinese were using it over 5,000 years ago!  And was used as a medicine all over Asia for a long time.  It was used for everything from losing weight, to helping the body heal wounds, to keeping your heart healthy.  It was noted by a Zen tea expert that the consumption of Green Tea has a hugely possitive effect on the heart and other organs.

Actual modern day studies have shown that it increases the amount of fat that is metabolized, 17% more fat was metabolised after the ingestion of a green tea extract, so its claims about helping weight loss seem to be creditable.  

The best thing about Green Tea really is that it is a natural fat burner.  Whether you just want to drink a LOT of green tea, take weight loss ills, or use the green tea patch, you should notice an increase in fat loss and / weight loss. This catalyst to the losing fat is a great thing to use.  I will provide some more information in future posts.

Green Tea Diets Reviewed

Well welcome to the first review on real healthy diets.  Today I will review the various green tea diets that have been out there for centuries.  

Initially I was sceptical of these diets, as I am with most diets these days, but I knew it would only be fair to you guys, and the diet if I gave it a fair chance.


Tina says she lost 2 pant sizes while on a green tea diet

Tina says she lost 2 pant sizes while on a green tea diet

My good friend Tina Donnells said she would try the diet out with me, now I won’t lie she is way more attractive than me to start with, and I didn’t think she needed to lose weight, but while we used a green tea patch system, I noticed she shed some weight, actually quite a bit faster than me.  However that may have had something to do with her natural matabolism, either way, she wouldn’t tell me her actual weight, but said that she lost 15 pounds in the 3 week period that we were on the diet together.  Her words were “I didn’t think I would notice a difference because I am already pretty healthy, but with the green tea patch (which is really easy to use) I found that I had to go shopping for new pants, my old ones were falling off of me!”

Either way, it may not be that impressive that she lost weight, I mean it always seems easy for skinny people to lose weight anyways.  So I made sure I would try it too.

I used the green tea patch system too (kind of felt like I was quiting smoking) mainly because it didn’t require me to remember to take any pills or drink special drinks, etc.  With it I lost 18 pounds in the 3 week period.  It was awesome… I have always had trouble losing weight ever since I quit wrestling after high school… I think the 8 years of dropping 8 lbs a night and gaining it back the next day really messed up my metabolism.  But that didn’t matter at all, I feel healthier, a LOT healthier, because I went down from 197 lbs (I know, I am borderline chubby, hence the diets) to 179 lbs.  IN THREE WEEKS!  I was really excited.. 

I couldn’t stop using a system like that so quickly so I have been using it still, and its been over a month now, I have lost 27 lbs total, I haven’t felt this good about myself in a long time, I am almost back to the weight I was my senior year of high school!!!!  But either way I would approve of this diet, and here is why:


  • Green Tea Helped two people with very different lifestyles and starting points lose weight.
  • Its patch delivery system is awesome to use, and really affordable.
  • I didn’t notice any unhealthy side effects, I feel great and so did Tina.
  • It is natural, no wacky drugs that mess with your heart, just green tea, which has been around forever.

There was a couple cons obviously

  • The free sample was great to use, but I did eventualy have to buy some patches because I decided to make this a life style change until I try out another diet.
  • There are so many choices to choose from, it was hard to decided on what to do, I was very happy with my decision to use the simple green tea patch system.

SO! this green tea patch system has earned the Real Healthy Diets Badge of Approval, as I am sure you noticed on the side of the page.

There is currently a free trial out for this great green tea patch system so if you are nervous then don’t worry because its free to try out!

I will do some more research for other green tea diets, but it is going to be hard to find diets that can top this… good luck and happy health!